7 Must-Dos on the Day You Show Your House Don’t risk losing buyers because of little things you overlook. Check these off your list before you open the front door

Although we all know this stuff…..always good a good reminder. The “For Sale” sign is up. You’ve completed the big projects and the little tweaks, so you’re hopeful your efforts will pay off with a quick and profitable offer. But now comes the most critical part of the home-selling cycle: the day of a showing […]

29 Things You Need To Know About Boulder Before You Move There

To really understand Boulder, you have to realize it is more than just a group of residents and restaurants. Boulder is one of the coolest, hippest, funkiest cities in the country!   1. You Can’t Beat 300 Sunny Days A Year   Source: Flickr user Matthew Hurst Boulder gets nearly as much sunshine as Phoenix, but without […]

8 Ways to Create a Neighborly Front Yard

Foster community spirit by setting up your front porch, paths and yard for social interaction Many of us find ourselves living in communities defined not by common acquaintances, knowledge and culture, but by geography or economics. Rather than knowing our neighbors from childhood, we may not know our neighbors at all. To create a sense […]

The Latest Info on Renovating Your Home to Sell

I am frequently asked about home improvement projects that might aid in the sale of a clients home.  Every property is different so I find generalization difficult, but this article has some basic bullet points that are helpful in most home sales.  For a more personalized project inventory, give me a call. Tracy If you […]

Take Back Your Front Yard: 8 Ways to Make It Social If only trees and squirrels gather in your front yard, you’re missing out on valuable socializing space. Here’s how to remedy that

Many of us are used to having backyard gathering spaces for family parties, cookouts and cocktails with friends — but why relegate all of your gathering areas to behind your home? Whether you have sprawling acreage or a more efficient townhouse, your front yard is an opportunity waiting to happen. While backyards offer more privacy, […]