About Me


When I’m not with clients or in the office you will find me outdoors.  I love the mountains and spend my free winter days skiing; on Vail Mountain, skiing nordic or skinning up the nearby peaks.  The rest of the year I can found riding my bike, running and climbing with friends and family.  I love my job, my friends and family, and I love my outdoors!

Zaik daughters

Haley, Isabelle and I, Holderness School graduation, June 2012.

I have raised two 2 lovely daughters in Boulder.  Isabelle is a recent graduate of Holderness School in New Hampshire and now attends the University of Vermont.

Haley has just returned from Prague and is a Junior at Chapman University. They are strong, smart young ladies, in every sense, and I am forever in awe of them.

My Husband, Bruce Hodgkins, is the founder and president of Excel Sports.  If you are a cycling enthusiast in Boulder or beyond, you probably know all about Excel Sports.

I have lived in Boulder since 1978 and continue to be involved in several community organizations.  I have seen many changes in my hometown and have worked hard throughout my volunteer work to insure Boulder will retain the outstanding lifestyle that everyone, no matter their origin or economic status, so enjoys.


Bruce, Isabelle and I near Vail Pass.

Fun facts:
+ #1 success, raising my daughters, of course
+ I’ve skied the Haute Route, twice
+ I am an 14 year veteran mentor for “I Have A Dream”.  I have seen my lovely, brilliant mentee through her college educaton and into the work force.  I presently sponsor an elementary class in the IHAD program and continue to be a cheer leader.
+ The most fun thing I’ve done is climb “ancient art” in Utah, and stand on one foot on the tippy, tiny top.
+ In 2005 I adopted 10 year old Passang Lamu Sherpa through the DZI/Taraolka foundation and made a financial commitment to support her through life through secondary school graduation.  She lives in India, has achieved her goal of a secondary school (college) education and is ready to help/teach others in her community.
+ I’ve run across the Grand Canyon, rim to rim
+ I’ve been married for 29 years
+ I grew up in a house full of mid century architects

Community organizations and memberships:
+ DZI/Taraloka Foundation visionary member
+ Democratic Women of Boulder County, President
+ I Have A Dream, Mentor and fundraiser
+ Ski Club Vail, Junior Olympics Board member and Fund Raising
+ Outdoor Diva bike club, board member

+KGNU member/supporter since 1990

+ Eldora Mountain Ski Club, 1998-2005, fund raising, parent coordinator


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